This Is Gonna Hurt

by MacMinn



This Is Gonna Hurt is not a new concept of mine. In the scheme of writing, it’s old news for me. The emotions that were behind these songs when they were written are not the emotions that are behind them today. In fact many of these songs I have recorded and released before. So why then, did I do it again? It was simply, the worst idea I had that made perfect sense.

Six months before the concept of this album came together, random friends began reaching out to me. Many were writing to tell me about how certain songs of mine were making a meaningful impact on their day to day. As this theme continued to play out with more and more friends the colors remained the same. All of the songs folks were contacting me about were bummers, sad songs, heartbreak songs, forgotten songs, sad, sad songs. The type of songs other people along the way referrenced when telling me I needed to write lighter more upbeat and danceable music. Not these tunes, not the ones I was getting letters about, these couldn’t be more on the opposite end of the spectrum. That stuck with me.

I hate to be a cliche artist and say Warhol made me do it, but fuck, maybe I am a cliche artist and maybe Warhol did make me do it. I was reading a book about Andy Warhol that had a section where it made a claim that Warhol only followed his bad ideas. I just thought that was clever as hell. After which I thought, what’s the worst thing I could ever do? Well, record an album of bummer songs that nobody wants to hear. In fact revisit some of your older catalog, rerecord bummer songs. Make the track-list from the input of random friends emails and comments. Next, give each of those songs a beat. Then obsess over it and make it your personal project for 6 months or so. Press record. Throw some money at it. That would be a bad idea.

I’ve done a lot to be put in the same room with ambition again. But hope is a careless charmer. Careless in the aspect of understanding chance, not careless in the sense of being carefree, far from. I am so far from carefree that I physically feel my care and concern melting on top of my shoulders everyday. Everyday it weighs a little more, but still I’ve found ambition. I would like to share this album with folks, and connect with them. If anything I’ve ever written has touched anybody, I’ve won what I’m looking for.

So, take these songs for what they are worth. They have been relived in me for years.



released February 14, 2016

Mark MacMinn - guitar, vocals, baritone guitar, bass guitar, organ, harmonica
Anna Tivel - violin, backing vocals
Dave Kelsay - drums

Recorded at Fluff & Gravy Studios in Portland OR USA
Klover Photography - Album photo



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MacMinn Portland, Oregon

The folk slinger Mark MacMinn has a sincere sound with a southern flare that is "resonant and forceful," -

"a hillbilly Elliott Smith."

A seasoned and experience performer Music By : MacMinn has touch stages from his hometown Austin TX to Los Angeles CA and from Nashville TN to Portland OR, where home-base is currently set up.

"MacMinn is a pleasure." -URB
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