To The Moon

by MacMinn



TO THE MOON She said she wanted to go to the moon, oh it just looked so close, so real in it's loom. And she said it just didn't look that far away oh it's so bright we could touch it, it's just right there she'd say. And I'd look to the sky and I thought she was right, it was heavy upon us like god's eyes at night, and it could see through the bullshit and the tension and the smoke, it could read us from within and know our topic was a joke. just a shadow of safety for what's cooking beneath, just a shelter from the unknown oh a shield for the weak, but we're all weak aren't we though I know you'll try to deny, but with a twist of your heart I could shake you to a sigh
fantasy has a way, of making me look deep inside, so focused on myself, I know not where I reside
it's just a victim of the present and the lesson of the week is knowing
I do not know myself and I will never hear you speak
still the moment comes and I latch on, so invested in the dream that I cannot see it's wrong or maybe I'm walking the right path and just got distracted by the wrong tree, so open to the possibility that I found the one for me. stop I tell myself to focus more, I'm just sitting on the foot stoop, I'm right outside my door, and all that I see is empty, and all that I see is not right, and all that I see is darkness brooding here at night
I know not what I am saying, or the message I am trying to convey, I'm just dreaming in the open, I'm just inviting you to play
well, you said you wanted to go to the moon, I just wish I could take you, just wish I could take you there real soon.


released April 5, 2011
M. MacMinn - guitar, vocals, percussion
Jonathon Jiricitano - backing vocals
Kim McCulla - backing vocals



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MacMinn Portland, Oregon

The folk slinger Mark MacMinn has a sincere sound with a southern flare that is "resonant and forceful," -

"a hillbilly Elliott Smith."

A seasoned and experience performer Music By : MacMinn has touch stages from his hometown Austin TX to Los Angeles CA and from Nashville TN to Portland OR, where home-base is currently set up.

"MacMinn is a pleasure." -URB
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